The Leveller® newspaper has become Somerset’s leading news outlet in just a decade since launching. Not just the largest circulation but also the most respected.

Somerset Confidential® is a sister organisation set up to offer the same high standards and dedicated reporting on Somerset.

The articles will be written by our editor, Andrew Lee, and freelance reporter at large, James Garrett and occasionally others too. What they have in common, is a track record of championing Somerset and bringing to light Somerset stories.


The added benefit of the online format is that we can deliver news more frequently, especially time sensitive stories, direct to your inbox.

But who wants news reports interrupted by pop up ads? Most news websites are unreadable and the experience is not an enjoyable one.

Substack offers an alternative platform. Lots of writing, lots of journalism and no ads.

We may do a little sponsored content, with an ad up front for occasional articles. That’s in the future. AND it won’t interrupt your reading experience.

Our substack newsletter is dedicated to news, investigations and reporting from Somerset and about Somerset. It enables us to reach some of the more remote parts of Somerset that we struggle to get our hard copy newspaper too.


Somerset Confidential® is a weekly newsletter. We will usually deliver one main story each week that we either:

  • haven’t been able to cover elsewhere or

  • it’s time sensitive and we want to get it out quickly

We will publish every week. Our current format is a collection of news stories on Friday and a longer in depth piece of Monday.


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We offer two types of subscription. You can get the regular weekly newsletter free, simply by taking up the free subscription offer.

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  • Access to the whole back catalogue of material

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