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Nov 18, 2023Liked by Andrew Lee

Yet another incitful piece.

The lead story regarding the MP's being parachuted into constituencies reminded me of histroy lessons when I went to school, in the 70's!

I recall being taught about 'Rotten Boroughs' and the 'reforms' of the political system in this country. Central to this reform was that:

'each shire sent two members of the populace to represent them in parliament.'

The former Bridgwater & Minehead MP, Tom King (was among a number of MP's who did similar) had a country estate in Wiltshire, but had a small flat near the docks in Bridgwater.

It seems to me grossly unfair to accept these 'butterfly' MP's, who appear to have developed the habits of senior managers in public and private sectors, and flit from pillar to post to suit there own ends.

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